Our Story

  Hello Helloo! And thank you for shopping with us. Here’s a little information to get to know more about the faces behind CARIISSIMA. 

 I am Gio and I started this small biz as a Freshman in college. From our first ever event in Miami in 2019, managing a small biz through a pandemic, a road trip to Texas and seeing someone wearing our jewelry on the streets of NYC, every moment, no matter how big or how small means so much. I started CARIISSIMA in hopes of making cute jewelry but it’s turned into so much more! 

CARIISSIMA changed my life and made me who I am today & I am so thankful to do what I love. Shop small today & everyday, I promise it’ll make someone so happy. 

What does “CARIISSIMA” mean? 

Carissima, is the Italian word for “dearest”. I spent Summer 2018 in my grandfather’s hometown in Italy. Whenever I was around family, I would hear the word “carissima” quite often, such as “Ciao carissima” (Hello dearest). I have loved the word ever since and the way it made me feel. I knew I wanted to name my brand Cariissima, to make our clients feel beautiful and empowered.