All About Arm Candy!

All About Arm Candy!

 A R M  C A N D Y 

 How to build your own and what bracelets I recommend to perfect your bracelet set! As you've seen on our Insta feed, Arm Candy Sets make a weekly appearance. I've come to absolutely love them and now can't imagine an outfit without one. My favorite part of getting ready is picking out bracelets and making the perfect set to complete my outfit. 

  How do I build an Arm Candy? The best part about building a bracelets set is it's all completely up to you! You are the one who gets to choose what bracelets and how many you want, from 2 to 8, an Arm Candy is meant to fit you and your preferences. 

  Some Tips from Gio: As I've come to build dozens of bracelet sets, I've come to find some helpful tips. Start off by deciding which colors you want to use for your set, do you want monochrome? multicolor? gold? silver? Have an idea of what colors you'd like for your set and I promise it'll make everything much easier! Next up, I recommend picking one statement bracelet. I usually go for a Miyuki beaded bracelet, something that catches your attention right away. Then, pick out some different widths of bracelets, some thicker, some thinner. If all of your bracelets are the same width, there won't be much variety! Lastly, I recommend one of our multi beaded bracelets. These come in 12 colors and are the perfect addition to your Arm Candy. These bracelets seem like they would be a couple of separate bracelets, but are only one and make it so easy and effortless to complete your set. 

 There are so many bracelets to use in your Arm Candy, from our cloth friendship bracelets, rope bracelets, bangles, cuffs to our evil eye bracelets, there's thousands of sets you can make! Have fun with it, in the end it's all that you make it! If you ever have any questions, would like to see what some bracelets look like together or would like any help at all, DM me on Insta! I am more than happy to help you build your ideal Arm Candy.

    Xoxo, Gio

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